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Our history

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CMG Srl saw the daylight in 1963, starting as a job shopping engineering company specialized in components for the helicopter industry, with as main client Agusta.

Having gained a reputation almost from the very beginning as being a highly reliable, quality oriented supplier, CMG was soon approached by various suppliers of machines for plastics processing to manufacture components to drawing. When a deep crisis hit the aviation industry in the early 1980’s, the owners decided to abandon completely the aeronautical market and to concentrate 100% on the plastics industry, designing and manufacturing ever more components for Italian and foreign machine suppliers.

Mid 1980’s CMG then started to design, manufacture and market complete blown-film lines under its own name, initially limited to mono-layer.

In the early 1990’s also co-extrusion, mainly 3-layer, was added to the program.

Today CMG has installed in excess of 1.200 machines all over the world with new markets in full development.

In the last years 70% of the lines sold were 3, 5 and 7-layers coextrusion machines, even more sophisticated in terms of winding and cooling technology and automation and dedicated both to the applications with normal polyolefines and to the barrier films.

At present CMG operates out of two sites with a total area of 10.000 sqm employing 80 people in various disciplines.

The output capacity is 40 complete lines per year, depending on size and complexity, each of which is thoroughly tested before being shipped.

The plans to move to a new bigger site to be able to digest the ever increasing demand was realized at the end of 2006 with the purchase of the company MAM, also manufacturer of blown film extrusion plants and specialized in HDPE processing.

By this operation the building sited in Olgiate Olona, the brand and the technological know-how of MAM have become property of CMG, so enlarging the production capacity of the company and strengthening the leader position in extrusion. The production of our lines is completely performed inside the plants of our society, by articulating in the phases of project, production, assembling and testing, this last one always preceding the delivery of the line to the customer. After delivery, it follows and activity of assistance “after-sale”, representing the “qualitative” characteristic of CMG products, with specialized technicians able to directly assist the customer, that is through a “customer service” on line.

An ample network of agents follows our clientele world-wide, many of them being able to offer technical assistance and consulting related to processing problems and development of new films and to recommend the customers during the pre-sale phase regarding the most suitable lines for the production type to be obtained, especially in the remote markets.

After the realization of the plan of the past years, during which CMG revisited certain technologies and introduced a fairly innovative approach in some specific areas

(among which the energy consumption saving, production optimization and the 4.0 industry), the trend of the company is more and more orientated towards a highly specialized output and a growing efficiency, always characterized by quality and flexibility.

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