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Our mission

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Our references from satisfied clients, many of them with more than ten CMG lines installed, are testimony to the success of our policy to design functional machines and components following the most updated technologies, to concentrate on the highest levels of machine availability and immediate and profound after-sales service and to offer always new products presenting an equal relationship quality/price, that is high quality at an affordable price.

Moreover, in the last years a lot of attention has gone to a close cooperation with resin manufacturers to design machinery that is able to deal with future market requirements to the point where some resins and biodegradable materials were re-engineered to provide better processing characteristics.

As a consequence the service to our clients goes far beyond keeping our machines production fit, we offer advice and product development way before a sale is a fact.

As a result many sales become a fact.

Our objective is to give our customers a complete service, not limited to the mere delivery of the commissioned line, but assuring at the same time an high level support both in the contractual phase, regarding the choice of the production line more conforming their requests and during the after sale service.

This reflects the true essence of our company policy and mentality, our mission if you so wish, ultimate reliability and 360 degrees service.

Production program

  • “Utility” mono-layer blown-film extrusion lines with oscillating head;
  • “Rotocompact” mono-layer blown-film extrusion lines with fixed head, with or without IBC;
  • Special mono-layer blown-film extrusion lines with oscillating head, with or without IBC and width up to 3.600 mm;
  • “Coexpert” three-layers compact blown-film extrusion lines, with or without IBC;
  • “Innoex” three-layers blown-film extrusion lines, full optional and with high performance;
  • Monoextrusion lines for HDPE with MAM know-how;
  • Coextrusion lines for HDPE with MAM know-how;
  • Five layers blown-film lines “Overfive” full optional;
  • Seven layers blown-film lines full optional;
  • Blown-film lines for the extrusion of biodegradable materials;
  • Winders without air shafts for agricultural application;
  • Control systems for all the above listed products.

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